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Due to high demand during this unprecedented time, please email, with the quantities of each item you wish to order.  We will contact you within 24 hours.  Orders over $700 and within 25 miles of downtown Birmingham include free delivery.  Shipping is not available at this time.  All orders under $700 must be picked up in Birmingham, AL.  We strive to have all orders fulfilled within 7 to 10 days as supply chains allow.

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We are a survival food company located in Birmingham, AL that supplies bulk survival food.  We focus on supplying dry goods that have a shelf life of up 30 years or more (dry milk is the exception with up to 20 years).  We believe that every household is more secure when it has emergency food on hand. Whether you are looking for a 3 week supply or a 3 year supply, we are here to help.  It can be a daunting task to secure bulk food for an entire family; we are here to make it easy.  We offer complimentary  deliver for orders over $700 and within 25 miles of downtown Birmingham.

Our food is packaged in 5 mill or thicker Mylar bags and sealed with oxygen absorbers (except for salt and sugar), which is then enclosed in a food grade bucket and lid (BPA free). This time tested process allows for the long shelf life of up to 30 years or more depending upon the item. We recommend storing your food in a cool, dark and dry place. The Mylar bags protect against oxygen, moisture and sunlight and the bucket protects against pets, pests and bag puncture, which are all the enemies of long term food storage.

We use only the highest quality ingredients. We practice what we preach. The food we sell is the exact food our family has on hand for emergencies.

Even if you don't buy from us, and we hope that you do, please do find a way to store up food. Many predict food shortages are coming to the entire world.  

From our family to yours, we wish you luck during this trying time.  God Bless.
  • Birmingham, Alabama, United States

Why should I buy survival food?

We at Alabama Survival Food practice what we preach, this is the exact same food that we have stored for our family.  We sleep good at night knowing we have a little buffer between our needs and the unknown.  Civil unrest, supply line disruptions, worldwide food shortages, pandemics, economic collapse,  loss of income, EMP damage, whether man made or natural, and natural disasters are all reasons to have some food on hand.

What makes Alabama Survival Food better?

We believe our food is a superior choice to the competition for several reasons.   All of our food is natural, raw ingredients, which allows it to keep for longer.  There are many stories of raw ingredients being opened many years after the 30 year point and the food is perfectly edible (professionally packed and preserved of course).   Additionally, we are interested in providing the most affordable long-term food possible.  There are many companies making freeze dried food, which is great for camping or backpacking and meals on the go, however these meals are very expensive to accumulate in mass due to the freeze drying process.  Our food is not for camping or backpacking, it is all about putting up the most food as possible for your family at the most affordable price.  

What are some pitfalls to avoid?

Some companies market 4 week packages, which is not equivalent to a 1 month package, for example twelve 4 week packages is a full 20 days short of one years worth of food, vs. twelve 1 month packages.  Additionally, some companies sell packages that only provide 1500 calories a day, which will not sustain an adult during a light work day, much less during an emergency.  The quantity in our packages are based on the general consensus of the preparedness community, as well as on guidance by the The LDS Church which is one of the main authorities on the subject of long-term food storage, which has been encouraging  and advising its members on how to store survival food since the mid 1800's.  

Do you offer free delivery?

We offer free delivery on all orders over $700 within 25 miles of downtown Birmingham, AL.  

What is the shelf life of your food?

Almost every item we sell has a 30 year shelf life.  We use a special process to package each item in a specific manor using special packaging, most of which are packaged in an oxygen free environment.  Dry milk is an exception and only has a 20 year shelf life. 

How should I store my food?

We recommend storing your food in a cool, dark and dry environment to maximize the shelf life of your food.  

What other food items do you recommend people store to complete their food package?

Water is the most important life sustaining necessity on earth, even more important than food.  We recommend you store one gallon of water per person per day.  We recommend Sawyer, Lifestraw and Berkey water filters.

We recommend you store seasoning, sauces, vegetable oil, canned meat, canned vegetables, soups, flour, vitamins and honey.  Most of these items with the exception of honey do not have a shelf life of 30 years, but many of these will last for years.  These items should be kept on hand in liberal quantities and rotated though in a working pantry.  That way these items are used up over time and replaced as used.  They will greatly compliment your long term food stores, especially seasonings, vegetable oils and sauces.